The Marketplace with fully stocked shelves

Welcome to Velocity. The world’s first enterprise level marketplace that you can launch immediately in YOUR branding, on YOUR URL that includes millions of products. All you have to do is tell us where to send your commission, every month!

The future of ecommerce is here. The complete Marketplace solution

Whether you’re a retailer, charity, media owner, football club, brand owner or an affinity group, if you want an enterprise level Marketplace you’ll have to invest millions of pounds in IT and support staff to create your own which will take years.

Velocity Marketplaces takes away all the risk, time, money and effort of creating your own Marketplace and gives it to you now creating an immediate and substantial new income stream.

“Easy, straight forward, launch within weeks, make money immediately

Instant access to selling products from top brands

Your shop, your Branding, Velocity manages everything else! You get paid commission every month.”​

Get started today to unlock your business’s revenue potential

Pre-stocked with millions of products, drop-shipped from 3rd party retailers.

As standard, your store is populated with millions of products, where the orders and shipping are all managed by Velocity Marketplaces. We create the product content and images, but also manage drop-shipping, fulfilment and any customer service for all orders.

You can also add your own products to your Marketplace so this is perfect if you only have a few items where it is not cost effective to have a whole store for them. Having millions of products increases visitors to your website enabling more people to see your own products.

The “No-Code” Marketplace

No developers are needed with this no-code solution. No need for costly integration into your front and backend systems as the Velocity all-in-one system sits on its own secure cloud server.

To develop your OWN Marketplace requires millions of pounds in investment, technical know-how and a whole new department would need to be created within your organisation.  It also takes years to develop before you sell 1 product. By choosing Velocity Marketplaces you eliminate all this risk and lost time and can start building a multi-million pound business today.

Total control, total simplicity​

Getting started with Velocity Marketplaces is easy. We will white label your Marketplace in your branding, connect it to your chosen URL and you’re ready to go! 

Perfect for Charities​

The cost-of-living crisis has made it even harder for charities to find regular donors and to keep those they already have. Acquisition costs are increasing, as are the day to day costs of running a charity.  Churn within regular donors subscriptions costs money to manage and there is a need for a method of appealing to a wider sociodemographic group of donors.

Launching a Velocity Marketplace for your charity addresses many of these issues: Offering mainstream, new products across all categories allows existing supporters AND people who would not normally donate to your charity the opportunity to buy the products they want, when they want them in the knowledge that the profit from the sale directly benefits your charity.

This creates a new win-win scenario for the customer and the charity across a much wider and diverse product assortment than can ever be achieved through traditional charity shops. Put simply, if one of your supporters wants to buy a pair of Levi jeans, why not buy them from your Marketplace at the same price as elsewhere and know that in doing so, they will be indirectly donating to you via Velocity.

How does it work?

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Customise product ranges

Whilst millions of products are all pre-populated ready for you to sell, you can customise the categories to select only those you wish to sell.


Set your URL & branding

Provide us with the URL and branding you would like and utilise your built in community trust and recognition from your existing database.


You're selling!

That’s it! You are selling on your own Marketplace! Sit back whilst Velocity Marketplaces manage all the orders and shipping for you!  We’ll send you your commission each month.

Velocity Marketplaces Provides

The platform, constantly updated and evolving

The retailers, their management, all accounting and reporting

The product portfolio, constantly augmented and updated.

Velocity Marketplaces Manages


All Transactions

The sale between the customer and the retailer on the Marketplace with Velocity acting as agent for the retailer to create a binding contract with the buyer


Payment Processing

The payment gateways and processing including the risk of fraud and bad debt.


Fulfilment & Returns

The order processing/fulfilment/returns and refunds procedures between the retailer and the end customer


Customer Service

The customer service cycle



Accounting, reporting, VAT, HMRC


Your Payment


Suitable for...

Charities and Affinity Groups/Clubs

No developers are needed with this no-code solution. No need for costly integration into your front and backend systems as the all-in-one system sits on its own secure cloud server.

As standard, your store is populated with millions of products,  you promote the Marketplace to your supporters and elsewhere, Velocity Marketplaces handles the orders, shipping and customer service and pays you a commission on all sales.

Brand Owners

Increase traffic to your site and general consumer appeal by making money from your competitors’ products that often compliment your own ranges.  Consumers prefer to shop on Marketplaces as they like shopping in one place to satisfy all their shopping needs, with only one checkout.

Media Owners

You control media and have a route to market with many consumer contact points. You have a trusted media brand Launching a Velocity Marketplace will offer your viewers/readers a new service which can be built into subscription models for free or a small charge and which will enable you to monetise all your contact points and media inventory.


Many retailers are adopting marketplace strategies for huge range extensions that yield incremental income with no stock risk.  Retailers can leverage the web traffic they already have and significantly increase visitor traffic and sales with a Velocity Marketplace range extension package or full Velocity Marketplace.

Pure Play Investment Strategy

Whether you’re a Family Fund, Private Equity Firm, VC or High Net Worth Individual and you want a return on investment that’s higher than many of the risky deals you are being offered daily, Velocity Marketplaces can launch and manage your own Marketplace for you and build a new trusted brand.  We’ll organise all the traffic sources for you so that your Marketplace grows into a multi-million pound business with returns generated from day one.

Charities and Affinity Groups/Clubs