Velocity has a unique vision on the future of Marketplaces

No-Code Marketplace Solutions is your one-stop shop for creating, running, and profiting from your own online marketplace. We’ve taken all of the pain, time, risk and money out of the equation so that you can focus on what’s important: making money!

Why Velocity?


We're Complete

Velocity Marketplaces offers you a complete Marketplace ready to go in 2-3 weeks. This includes the software, the integration, the management  AND up to 15m products of your choice from our portfolio or products/retailers.


We Provide

Velocity Marketplaces provides the platform, (constantly updated and evolving), the retailers (the retailers, their management, all accounting and reporting) and the product portfolio( which we constantly update


We Manage

Velocity Marketplaces manages the end customer/retailer transaction, the order processing (and returns), payment processing (including the risk of fraud and bad debt), the complete customer service cycle and accounting, reporting and sending out commission payments to our partners!!

What does this mean for you?

You can make money immediately without any risk.

We can launch your site within weeks so you can enjoy the upside of immediate income without having to embark on your own costly and time consuming development program.

No development risk

Building a marketplace yourself involves embarking on a long, complex and expensive internal company re-organisation and IT development program.  Hiring IT staff who know how to develop Marketplaces is difficult as the skill-set is rare. Internal budgetary processes are usually protracted and complex.

No coding required

No coding required by your IT department and no additional staff required to run customer services and retailer relationships – By using Velocity Marketplaces you can have a huge marketplace with millions of products making you money every minute of everyday without employing any new staff in your existing business.

Millions of products included plus your own products

Just having marketplace place software only gets you 50% of the way on your journey, to make your marketplace successful you need millions of products from thousands of retailers that consumers are actually searching for and actually want. Velocity Marketplaces takes away the guesswork on exactly what to stock your marketplace with across all categories. This is the essence of what makes a marketplace successful so by using Velocity Marketplaces you access our product knowledge developed over time.

The future of ecommerce is here. The complete Marketplace solution

Whether you’re a retailer, charity, media owner, football club, brand owner or an affinity group if you want an enterprise level Marketplace you’ll have to invest millions of pounds in IT and support staff to create your own which will take years.

Velocity marketplaces takes away all the risk, time, money and effort of creating your own marketplace and gives it to you now creating an immediate and substantial new income stream.

“Easy, straight forward, launch within weeks, make money immediately

The “No-Code” Marketplace

No developers are needed with this no-code solution. No need for costly integration into your front and backend systems as the Velocity all-in-one system sits on its own secure cloud server.

To develop your OWN Marketplace requires millions of pounds in investment, technical know-how and a whole new department would need to be created within your organisation. It also takes years to develop before you sell 1 product. By choosing Velocity Marketplaces you eliminate all this risk and lost time and can start building a multi-million pound business today.

Everything your business needs with our Enterprise features

A marketplace is a powerful, proven way for your business to generate new revenue. An online marketplace is a modern, easy way for you to establish new relationships with customers, giving them access to an expanded product range, and giving you access to new income streams.

Like any project, there are many ways of creating a marketplace. You can write code from scratch, or you can use a ready-made solution that will help you start selling quickly and easily.


The cost-of-living crisis has made it even harder for charities to find regular donors and to keep those they already have. Acquisition costs are increasing as are the day-to-day costs of running a charity. Churn within regular donor’s subscriptions costs money to manage and there is a need for a method of appealing to a wider sociodemographic group of donors.

Launching a Velocity Marketplace for your charity addresses many of these issues: Offering mainstream, new products across all categories allows existing supporters AND people who would not normally donate to your charity the opportunity to buy the products they want, when they want them in the knowledge that the profit from the sale directly benefits your charity. 

This creates a new win-win scenario for the customer and the charity across a much wider and diverse product assortment than can ever be achieved through traditional charity shops. Put simply, if one of your supporters wants to buy a pair of Levi jeans, why not buy them from your Marketplace at the same price as elsewhere and know that in doing so, they will be indirectly donating to you via Velocity.

Media Owners

If you are a media owner whether it be TV media, Print, Bill Board’s or a high traffic web offering or a trusted brand then launching your own Marketplace gives you the opportunity to create a new revenue stream driven by your existing media assets.

Your Velocity white labelled Marketplace fit’s seamlessly within your current web infrastructure allowing your customers to simply discover your wide range of products.  Employing your own media assets via adverts, display ads and email are other ways of driving traffic to your marketplace along with other sources of traffic such as affiliates and Google Shopping.  Additionally, you can cross fertilise your existing services or products with incentives within your marketplace or vice versa to either drive traffic to your own product or service or drive traffic from internal incentives to your Marketplace. 

Brand Owners

As a Brand owners you can leverage your own Brands assets and internet traffic by launching a selective “friends of” Marketplace seamlessly into your existing Ecom.  You may decide to charge other brands that compliment yours for their concessions within your Marketplace.

By range extending in this way you’ll increase traffic to your own Ecom by appealing to a wider audience, increase new customers and in turn increase your revenues.  You’ll also generate a valuable data set about customer habits that buy outside your brand that are closely aligned with your existing offering.


As an established retailer in your sector Velocity Marketplaces can offer you an immediate SKU extension within your chosen category or a complete enterprise level fully managed marketplace that you can launch straight away. Either of these approaches will immediately generate new revenue’s for you and will give you a valuable data set around your customers shopping habits.

Dwell times will lengthen as shoppers generally like to complete their shopping on one website were possible, so by having a wider product range you’ll increase your average basket size and your relevancy to your customers.  This promotes a higher returning traffic rate and in turn overall sales.

Affinity group​

The members and supporters of your club or affinity group would love to buy their everyday products from ‘you’ in the full knowledge that your organisation will directly benefit from them doing so. They log on to ‘your’ Marketplace, buy a product they want at market price or below, from a retailer they know, pay Velocity Marketplaces who pay the retailer and send you your ‘sales commission’ every month.

If you’re a Football Club, Rugby Club, Professional Organisation, Support Group or any type of organisation where you have a loyal following you could benefit from launching a marketplace for your supporters or members. Each time a member of your affinity group buys from your marketplace they can do so in the knowledge that the affinity group is benefitting from the profit generated by the sale. This can be very powerful and allow your members to give to your affinity group whilst going about their daily purchases. You can also cross fertilise offers from your group to the marketplace and vice-verse to create a win-win scenario for your members and you organisation.

Your shop, your Branding, Velocity manages everything else! You get paid commission every month.”​

Corporate Responsibility

We run the only UK data centre powered by renewable energy, we are ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 compliant, and fully PCI compliant – also work with a top UK-based Cyber Security firm to make sure that customer data is treated with the correct industry standard safety measures 

ISO 27001 2015
ISO 27001 2017

Our Leadership Team


Jamie Martin

Co-Founder and CEO

I’ve watched the Marketplace industry grow over the past 15 years and felt that with the right application of technology there are many companies, charities and affinity groups who could significantly benefit from having their own Marketplace. 

After years of running traditional business’s I felt the timing was right to found Velocity Marketplaces and bring the technical tools to the mass market that, until now, have only been enjoyed by the elite few.


Martin Purcell

Co-Founder and COO

FCIM(Chartered Marketer) FIDM- cupboard full of T-shirts. I have worked in Direct Marketing since its infancy and remain a dedicated data disciple. I have built, restructured or run businesses on 5 continents, learning all the time.

Marketplaces are now in their infancy and I am excited about embarking upon the next learning journey to build, from scratch, a first-class enterprise with a first-class team in the fastest growing e-commerce sector.


Craig Norris

Co-Founder and CTO

Having both a sales and technical background, I can see the typical challenges of launching a marketplace. You either have the IT resource and knowhow, or the product supply lines, but rarely both.

With marketplaces becoming a growing world-wide trend, being able to put together an expandable retail platform which can be utilised by so many, including small to enterprise organisations, and also the charity sector, is a very exciting journey.

Theodore Hettich

Non Executive Director

Having worked on multiple retail product aggregation platforms and marketplace projects, big and small, I know what works and what doesn’t. At Velocity we have created a winning formula to bring marketplaces to the masses enabling virtually any business to access global marketplace functionality.

I literally jumped at the opportunity to offer my insights and experience to such an accomplished team of retail and technical luminaries.

Scott Clay

Head of Product Experience

Excited to have created this unique platform, which allows charities and businesses alike to create extra revenue to help their causes. Love that we are helping people raise funds by making our tools easier to use and more effective.


Sam Henderson

Head of Development

We are committed to building the easiest marketplace integration out there. Building a platform that can support many businesses, and feed their websites millions of products using the latest, and most secure coding techniques is both a fantastic and challenging role.