Marketplace Growth

You only have to look at the growth of Amazon and other marketplaces like Etsy and ASOS to know that marketplaces are growing exponentially with sales records being broken each and every year.  By having your own marketplace from Velocity you can enjoy the same levels of growth and sales as the big companies do and take advantage of this online consumer led trend as the sales shift from traditional retail.


Globally, 47% of ecommerce sales were made through online marketplaces in 2020 (predicted 66% in 2022)


Nearly two trillion dollars were made through online marketplaces in 2020


There were 53 marketplaces with over one million monthly visits in 2020

How popular are marketplaces?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, online marketplaces are a safer way to sell products and services. This is because they give customers a choice of sellers and provide a single point of contact. In addition, they have lower barriers to entry for new sellers and can offer lower prices than traditional ecommerce sites.

This has led to an increase in sales on marketplaces globally. According to the latest industry research, in 2020, 47% of all ecommerce sales were made through online marketplaces, amounting to nearly two trillion dollars. This is forecast to grow dramatically over the next 5 years as more companies adopt marketplaces as the best platform to promote online sales.

Amazon launched websites in Sweden and Poland and rebranded Souq in Saudi Arabia to Souq’s Egyptian site continues to run under the Souq brand.

The most common type of marketplace is the general marketplace, where a very wide range of products are sold. General marketplaces comprise nearly 60% of all marketplaces, and 17 out of the top 20. There were 53 with over one million monthly visits.

Forrester predicted that 66% of ecommerce orders will take place on marketplaces in 2022. Today, more than 50% of consumer traffic in Europe is directed to marketplace sites, which represents around 40% of the total ecommerce market. Marketplaces grew at double the rate of overall ecommerce, growing by 80% in the fourth trimester of 2020. 


“We are empowering enterprises to join the Marketplace revolution, with Velocity!”

Total control, total simplicity

You choose your name, you choose your branding, you choose your product ranges then you sit back and let Velocity Marketplaces do everything else.  

You’ll have your own CMS login so as you can monitor sales whenever you like and upload and update your own products should you wish to.  Email promotions to your customer base can be handled by your existing team or Velocity Marketplaces, it’s your choice.  

Paid search and affiliates can be handled by yourselves or by Velocity marketplaces to optimise ROI.

Everything your business needs with our Enterprise features

Velocity Marketplaces platform has been designed for Enterprise levels of traffic.  There are no SKU limits and your marketplace will sit on its own individual servers that can be scaled up quickly to meet your increasing traffic demands as your marketplace grows.

All types of consumer promotional methods have been built in and we can customise our sites to fit in with promotions you may want to run in conjunction with your current business.