Our​ FAQs​

A Marketplace is a highly complex machine and you are naturally going to have many questions.  Please contact us for your free 30 minute session where you can table all the questions you have.  You can also read the answers below to some of the most common questions we receive.

Yes. Velocity will Brand your site to your brand specification then link it to the URL of your choice.

Velocity Marketplaces handles all customer service 24/7/365. Our customer service system knows exactly where the customer originated, and we handle customer queries and returns accordingly in your name.

Yes, you can choose exactly what your site sells from a choice of thousands of retailers and different categories.

In most cases Velocity Marketplaces is the merchant of record and we take ultimate responsibility for the sale.  There are some cases where our retailers are the merchant of record.  You as the Marketplace act as an agent or introducer to Velocity Marketplaces. You have no data protection issues as the contract for sale is between the customer and the retailer with Velocity Marketplaces acting as the agent for the retailer.

Right now at launch we have circa 5 million products and this will grow each month with new products being added to your Marketplace on a daily basis.  We expect the UK product count to reach around 30 million products in time.  This will grow your revenue as more products equals more consumer appeal and more revenue.

Velocity operates a rental model designed to be self-financing whereby, once established your commission is higher than your rental cost.  The rental cost is based on server usage, cost for the site and volume.  Book your 30 minute exploration call to get a written quotation.

Yes, every Marketplace we deploy sits on its own server in the cloud.  This is done for confidentiality, reliability, speed and ease of making updates to your site without effecting other Velocity Marketplaces sites.  For example, you would not want your site to have any down time because we are updating or changing something on another customer’s marketplace.

From signing our contract, it typically takes two to three weeks.

Our contacts range from 12 months to 10 years.

Yes you can.  You’ll have your own private access to your site to be able manage all your own products.

All the products in your site supplied by Velocity Marketplaces will be indexed within Google shopping.  You can deploy your own marketing budget with your staff or we can apply your budget for you utilising our in-house team.  Velocity Marketplaces can also work with affiliates or any type of promotion mechanism you like, it’s your Marketplace and your choice.

No. Velocity Marketplaces are designed to be enterprise level marketplaces that have a great deal of complexity. They take time, effort and are expensive to maintain at their peak performance for optimum sales.  At Velocity Marketplaces we pick our partners carefully by market sector.

We are aware that that each enterprise, brand, charity and affinity group will have its own specific requirements regarding products they want to include, or exclude, from their Marketplace. We aim to promote variety in product category selection amongst the Marketplaces we deploy in each country/market sector in order to generate a different offer.