How Velocity unlocks your revenue potential

Roadmap to Revenue – Depending on the size of your organisation, how many customers you already have and your marketing strategy, your Marketplace has the potential to become a significant and sustainable business.  It’s possible for a small to medium sized organisation to generate sales of up to £50 million a year and a large organisation with lots of customers or media to generate sales in excess of £300 million a year. 

Roadmap to Revenue

Now you can have your own fully managed and stocked online Marketplace, ready to go in weeks.


Customise product ranges

Whilst millions of products are all pre-populated ready for you to sell, you can customise the categories you wish to sell from.


Set your URL & branding

Provide us with the URL and branding you would like, and utilise your community trust and brand loyalty to deliver a service for your supporters and profit for yourself.


You're selling!

That’s it! You are selling on your own Marketplace! Sit back whilst Velocity Marketplaces manage all the orders and shipping for you!

Total control, total simplicity, your fully managed marketplace

The team at Velocity Marketplaces are pleased to welcome you aboard to kickstart your ‘Roadmap to Revenue’! We aim to have you up and running as soon as we can – usually within a few weeks.

We will take care of:

  • Setting up your Marketplace
  • Branding in line with your Branding Guidelines
  • Loading your Marketplace with products
  • Giving your customers a first–class buying experience
  • Handling all customer service
  • Sending you prompt payment for your Marketplace commission

The 7 steps to a fully stocked marketplace

  1. Initial Contact Call
  2. Follow–up ‘Marketplace Workshop’ Call
  3. Completion of Velocity Marketplaces Agreement
  4. Formal ‘Welcome’ Call with Technical Team Leader
  5. Velocity setup process
  6. Sign–off from you
  7. Go–live!

“Your shop, your Branding, Velocity manages everything else, you get paid commission every month.”

Pre-stocked with millions of products, delivered to your customers door

As standard your store is populated with millions of products, where the orders and shipping are all managed by Velocity Marketplaces.  We are constantly adding new suppliers which your marketplace will benefit from immediately.  The more products your marketplace has the greater appeal it will have to your visitors and the greater number of sales you will make.

You can also add your own products, so this is perfect if you only have a few items where it is not cost effective to have a whole store for them. Having millions of products gets visitors to your website enabling more people to see your own products.

The “No-Code” Marketplace

No developers are needed with this no-code solution. No need for costly integration into your front and backend systems as the Velocity all-in-one system sits on its own secure cloud server.

To develop your OWN Marketplace requires millions of pounds in investment, technical know-how and a whole new department would need to be created within your organisation.  It also takes years to develop before you sell 1 product.  By choosing Velocity Marketplaces you eliminate all this risk and lost time  and can start building a multi-million pound business today.


Total control, total simplicity

Getting started with Velocity Marketplaces is easy. We will white label your Marketplace in your branding, connect it to your chosen URL and you’re ready to go! 

Perfect for Charities​

The cost-of-living crisis has made it even harder for charities to find regular donors and to keep those they already have.  Acquisition costs are increasing as are the day to day costs of running a charity.  Churn within regular donors subscriptions costs money to manage and there is a need for a method of appealing to a wider sociodemographic group of donors.

Launching a Velocity Marketplace for your charity addresses many of these issues: Offering mainstream, new products across all categories allows existing supporters AND people who would not normally donate to your charity the opportunity to buy the products they want, when they want them in the knowledge that the profit from the sale directly benefits your charity. 

This creates a new win-win scenario for the customer and the charity across a much wider and diverse product assortment than can ever be achieved through traditional charity shops. Put simply, if one of your supporters wants to buy a pair of Levi jeans, why not buy them from your Marketplace at the same price as elsewhere and know that in doing so, they will be indirectly donating to you via Velocity.